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FDA Avandia heart attack news, Avandia critic reacts to FDA

In May 2007, Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Dr. Steven Nissen published an Avandia study in the New England Journal of Medicine that would mark a turning point for the diabetes drug Avandia. Based on research data from clinical trials involving over 35,000 diabetes patients, Dr. Nissen found that Avandia use was linked to a 43% increased risk of heart attack.

Nissen’s groundbreaking study signaled the fate of Avandia. FDA actions in response to the study have been criticized harshly by Nissen and others who for years have demanded an Avandia recall.

Shortly after the FDA Avandia restrictions announcement on September 23, 2010, reporters for The Wall Street Journal interviewed Dr. Nissen. The following summarizes Dr. Nissen’s reaction to the FDA Avandia decision.

On the effect he expects the new FDA restrictions on Avandia to have:

  • The recent Avandia FDA action will limit use of the diabetes drug by 99%.
  • Warning patients of Avandia cardiovascular risks and requiring doctors to document that their diabetic patients are benefitting from the drug will discourage both doctors and patients from using Avandia to treat diabetes.

On the FDA’s response to early Avandia side effects data:

  • The FDA learned from GSK in 2005 / 2006 that Avandia increased heart attack risk by over 30%. FDA analysts found a 40% increased heart attack risk linked to Avandia. FDA regulators didn’t warned the public.

On the FDA’s response to his May 2007 New England Journal of Medicine article:

  • The FDA acted defensively. The leadership of the FDA’s drug division is “is oriented toward the promotion of drugs, not their regulation.”

The Wall Street Journal article about Dr. Stveen Nissen’s reaction to the recently annonced FDA Avandia restricions appears online here.

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