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New study claims low-dose therapy may be safe as Avandia lawsuit settlements announced

Amid lawsuit settlements and calls for a recall, researchers claims low-dose Avandia may be safe.

A new study published in British medical journal The Lancet suggests that combination therapy using a low dose of Avandia may help prevent type 2 diabetes without the increased risk of heart attack and death associated with treatment at the the dose typically prescribed.

In 2007, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine linked use of the Avandia to a 43% increase in heart attack risk and a 64% increase in the risk of death from heart disease. Thereafter, a wave of injury lawsuits were filed against Avandia drug maker GlaxoSmithKline.

In February 2010, a Senate report asserted that GSK knew of possible Avandia heart attack risks years before evidence of the drug’s link to heart injury was made public. Shortly thereafter, as the first cases were to begin trial, it was announced that Avandia lawsuit settlements have been reached in thousands of cases.

Dr. Sidney Wolfe, a diabetes expert demanding an Avandia recall, calls the new study “…a desperate attempt to salvage a dangerous drug.” The FDA is expected to address safety issues and answer calls for an Avandia recall at an advisory committee meeting in July.

One Response to “New study claims low-dose therapy may be safe as Avandia lawsuit settlements announced”

by Linda Berry on 6-30-10 at 6:05pm

I have been taking Avandia 4mgs for about 7 months. Before that I was given Avandia 2 mgs. I want to know how risky this amount is for me. Is there any new developments on this medication. I am 65 years old with high blood pressure.

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