Alaska Avandia Lawsuit Settlements Attorney : AK Heart Attacks

8 December, 2010

In Alaska, Avandia lawsuit settlements have been won on legal claims that side effects of the diabetes drug caused heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular death. If you or a loved one in Alaska suffered a heart attack or other cardiovascular event after using Avandia (rosiglitazone), you may be entitled to recover financial compensation. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation with an Avandia lawsuit attorney. Continue reading Alaska Avandia Lawsuit Settlements Attorney : AK Heart Attacks

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Avandia Class Action Lawsuit – Avandia MDL

28 October, 2010

Individual Avandia lawsuits filed across the U.S. have been consolidated into Multi-District Litigation in the U.S. federal trial court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.

While the Avandia MDL continues in PA, there currently is no national Avandia class action lawsuit pending in the United States. Continue reading Avandia Class Action Lawsuit - Avandia MDL

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FDA reviewing safety of Avandia’s rival diabetes drug Actos

18 September, 2010

The FDA has begun reviewing the safety of the diabetes drug Actos (pioglitazone), after receiving early results from research evaluating the drug’s bladder cancer risk.

While early data from a long-term study demonstrates an increased risk of bladder cancer in patients with the longest exposure and in those having taken the highest cumulative dose of Actos, the FDA has not concluded that Actos increases the risk of bladder cancer. The FDA has no clinical information associating Avandia with bladder cancer. Continue reading FDA reviewing safety of Avandia's rival diabetes drug Actos

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FDA opens hearings to evaluate Avandia safety, vote on recall

13 July, 2010

Some questions faced by a panel of experts at a joint FDA drug advisory committee meeting taking place today and tomorrow…

If Avandia use causes increased cardiovascular risks compared to rival diabetes drug Actos, should the FDA recall Avandia? Would adding a new warning label and package insert be sufficient? What should doctors and diabetes patients think about Avandia in light of the controversy surrounding its safety? Continue reading FDA opens hearings to evaluate Avandia safety, vote on recall

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