Avandia Lawsuit

Diabetes patients throughout the country have suffered heart attacks, strokes and congestive heart failure (CHF) linked to the use of Avandia. These Avandia side effects have been reported to be the cause of death of over 80,000 people since Avandia's FDA approval in 1999. If you have had any of these heart problems after using this Type 2 Diabetes drug, you may have cause to file an Avandia Lawsuit.

Cases filed by drug injury lawyers on behalf of individuals and families throughout the United States have been in the news recently as Avandia lawsuit settlements are reached with drug company GlaxoSmithKline. Avandia side effects injury and wrongful death lawsuits are handled as separate cases, not as a single Avandia class action. Our team of Avandia litigation attorneys help diabetics and their families who have suffered from Avandia heart problems in filing lawsuits to collect financial compensation. Please contact us for the latest news on Avandia lawsuit settlement amounts.

Even though many diabetes patients have experienced similar cardiovascular problems, the effect on each person's life has been very personal and goes beyond any immediate financial loss. Given the increasing number of men and women who have had their lives changed by suffering a heart attack, stroke or heart failure after using Avandia, attorneys and courts look to multidistrict litigation (MDL) to more efficiently handle the growing number of Type 2 diabetes patients coming forward making claims rather than forming an Avandia class action. Multi-district litigation is different from a class action. In M.D.L., each individual is able to bring his or her own claim rather than having one person who sues on behalf of all people making claims.

Patients and families nationwide have made personal decisions on filing an Avandia lawsuit based on the heart disease side effects risks of this one-time blockbuster drug. Avandia lawsuits claim that manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was negligent in several ways, including:

  • failing to conduct sufficient testing which, if properly performed, would have shown that Avandia had serious side effects, including cardiothrombotic events, cardiac injury, and other serious side effects, and warn users of those risks;
  • failing to include adequate warnings with the Avandia products that would alert users to the potential risks and serious side effects the drugs;
  • failing to warn that use of Avandia carried a risk of death or permanent disability from cardiothrombotic events, cardiac injuries and other serious side effects;
  • failing to advise the FDA, the health care industry, and the public about the adverse reports it had received regarding Avandia;
  • failing to include other appropriate warnings of the risks and side effects of Avandia;
  • failing to exercise reasonable care in advertising, marketing and promoting Avandia;
  • failing to exercise ordinary care in the design of Avandia, which was defective in design and formulation;

Avandia Lawsuit Settlements

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