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Avandia Lawsuit
Avandia Settlements
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Avandia Lawsuit Settlements

GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to Avandia lawsuit settlements totaling about $460 million to resolve most of the cases claiming the diabetes drug caused heart attacks and strokes, it was reported last week. GSK has faced over 13,000 lawsuits alleging that the drug company hid Avandia’s heart side effects risks.

In May, Glaxo agreed to pay about $60 million in the first group of Avandia settlements. The cases reportedly were settled at a Philadelphia state court status conference as the first Avandia lawsuit was set to begin trial in July.

Last week, an FDA advisory panel voted for revisions to be made to Avanida’s warning label and for new restrictions on the drug’s use. The committee fell sort, however, of recommending that the Type 2 diabetes treatment be withdrawn from the market; 12 of the 33 panelists voted for an Avandia recall.

The first Avandia trial is set for October in federal court in Philadelphia.

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by maria calvillo on 7-31-10 at 9:17pm

my mother and husband both were taking avandia for some time. they havent had a stroke or aheart attack, do they qualify for the law suit?

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