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List of Abbreviations in the Avandia FDA Advisory Committee Briefing Document

Avandia FDA Advisory Committee Briefing Document Abbreviations

AE		Adverse event
ACR		Albumin creatinine ratio
ACS		Acute Coronary Syndrome
BARI 2D	Bypass Angioplasty Revascularization Investigation 2 Diabetes
BID		Twice a day 	
BMI		Body mass index  
BP		Blood Pressure  
CABG	Coronary artery bypass graft  
CEC		Clinical endpoint committee  
CEVA		Clinical endpoint validation and adjudication  
CHF 		Congestive heart failure 
CMPHU	Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use 
CI		Confidence interval
CPMP		Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products
CRP		C-reactive protein
CSR		Clinical study report
CV		Cardiovascular
dL		Deciliter
DCCT		Diabetes Control and Complications Trial
DM		Diabetes mellitus
EU		European Union
EMEA		European Medicines Evaluation Agency
FDA		Food and Drug Administration
FPG		Fasting plasma glucose
GCP		Good clinical practice
GLIB		Glibenclamide (glyburide)
GLIC		Gliclazide
GLIM		Glimepiride
GLIP		Glipizide
GLY		Glyburide (glibenclamide)
GSK		GlaxoSmithKline
HbA1c	Glycated hemoglobin A
HCP		Healthcare provider
HDL-c	High density lipoprotein-cholesterol
HR		Hazard ratio
ICH		International Conference on Harmonization
ICT		Integrated clinical trials
IDMC		Independent Data Monitoring Committee
IFG		Impaired fasting glucose
IGT		Impaired glucose tolerance
IHD		Ischemic heart disease
IMT		Intimal medial thickness
INS		Insulin
IP		Insulin-providing
IRB		Institutional Review Board
IS		Insulin-sensitizing
ITT		Intent-to-treat
IVUS		Intravascular ultrasonography
LOCF		Last observation carried forward
LDL-c		Low density lipoprotein-cholesterol
m		Meter
MACE	Major adverse cardiovascular event
MCP		Monocyte chemoattractant protein
MedDRA	Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities
MET		Metformin
mg		Milligram
MI		Myocardial infarction
MOA		Mechanism of action
MMP		matrix metalloproteinase
NA		Not applicable
NHANES	National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys
NHLBI	National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
NIH		National Institutes of Health
NYHA		New York Heart Association
OR		Odds ratio
PAI		Plasminogen activator inhibitor
PI		Package insert or prescribing information
PIL		Patient information leaflet
PIO		Pioglitazone
PRO		Patient-reported outcomes
QD		Every day (once a day)
QOL		Quality of life
RAMI		Ramipril
RR		Risk ratio
RSG		Rosiglitazone
SAE		Serious adverse event
SC		Subcutaneous
SD		Standard deviation
SU		Sulfonylurea
SVG		Saphenous vein graft
T2DM	Type 2 diabetes mellitus
TIA		Transient ischemic attack
TID		Three times a day
TZD		Thiazolidinedione
U		Units
UKPDS	United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study
US		United States
USPI		US Prescribing Information
VADT		Veterans Affairs Diabetes Trial 

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