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New study links TZDs Actos and Avandia to fracture risk

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Avandia increases the risk of fractures in women over 50 and in men who also take loop diuretics, according a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.  These recent findings support those of previous studies about fracture risks and thiazolidinediones, a class of type 2 diabetes drugs commonly known as TZDs.   Actos and rival drug Avandia both belong to the TZD class of diabetes medications.

The new study examined diabetes treatments and fractures.  Using data from the TRIAD study of diabetic patients in managed care settings, University of Michigan researcher Dr. William H. Herman identified 786 diabetes patients with fractures, then compared their treatment history to 2,657 diabetics with no broken bones.  Only 54 of the 786 diabetics with fractures were women under 50 years old, while 457 were women over 50 and 275 were men.

Researchers reviewed prescriptions filled in the 90 days before the fracture date or, for the diabetics without fractures, a designated study date.

Diabetic women over 50 who suffered fractures were 71% more likely to have been prescribed a TZD drug than women with no broken bones.  The fracture risk in men prescribed both loop diuretics and TZDs was over 300% higher than in men who took one or the other, but not both medications.

The fracture risk got higher with increases in the dosage and length of time on the medications.  The majority of the fractures found in the study were not typical osteoporosis spine and hip fractures.  Many study participants suffered lower limb, arm and leg fractures.

Dr. Herman notes that while cardiovascular risk side effects have been much of the focus with TZDs, fracture side effects also are important to study because of the major impact fractures have on quality of life.

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